Tennis Court Access Control

ODIS Security can supply and install access control and an online booking system for councils needing a system to rent tennis courts and any other council hirable spaces.

You simply pick the site, court and date/time and you will receive a unique 5 digit code instantly that will only work for that period.

The system does not require internet on site and can be linked to lights and cctv to ensure the space is only used for time allocated.

Councils have the option to pay nothing up front on extended contracts, with the booking system only taking a small percentage of each booking. A great solution with no upfront or ongoing costs for councils looking for a hassle free solution to hire tennis courts, halls, or any other hirable space.

Concept 4000 comes to an end

After 2 decades as the best commercial security panel on the market (in my opinion), the concept 4000 panel by Inner Range has been faded out and being superseded by their new panel – Integrity.

The Concept 4000 panel revolutionized the industry when it came to integration and set the standard for building security and automation.

Although future building security is in good hands with the highly sophisticated new Integrity panel, it was a sad day to hear the last Concept 4000 panel rolled off the production line last month. Especially for those of us who have worked on this great product for so long.

ODIS are an accredited Integrity installer and integrator with decades of experience with Inner Range products. For information on this and any other products please get in touch!